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Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

IME – Independent Medical Evaluation

In the event, a work-related or other injury occur employers will request and IME to determine if or when the employee can return to work.  Or what steps will be needed to treat the employee.  The broad range of treatment can include initially an evaluation.  Some employers will have insurance to cover the cost and review of the extent of the injury which can include physical and physiological evaluations.
Act-Medicaltec assists employers and insurance companies to understand what medical specialty would be needed for the independent medical evaluation.  For some referrals companies require specific medical specialty.  Act-MedicalTec staff will from the point a referral is submitted look through thousands of medical providers that are already in our secure system to schedule an appointment for the claimant.  Specific information will be required for the IME.  Our professional medical staff will review the results of the evaluation to insure all of the questions are answered completely.  In some cases, there may be a need for a revised description.  Before the appointment, our staff will consult with case managers.  Appointment letters, follow up with the doctors, proofread the reports for any errors or missed information, and finally, send out the reports to case managers.
With thousands of Qualified Board Certified physicians in all specialty areas across the country.  Most appointments will be made within 50 miles of the claimant location.  There are some special cases where the distance will be greater, but all exceptions are first checked and authorized with case managers.