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Twenty years of experience working with  Employers, Insurance Companies, and TPAs.  Asking the right question for case managers, looking for the right medical professionals, assuring the responses are on track for the correct result and keeping within the time guidelines. We have a comprehensive database of board certified independent providers nationwide.

Independent evaluations can be a stressful time for the case managers and the claimants. Our goal is to minimize the stress for all involved. We will handle all details from scheduling, claimant contact, to reminder calls.

Are you looking for a specific provider with experience in specific diagnosis, disease, or test? Contact us, we will be glad to do the legwork for you. Let us work for you!
IME – Independent Medical Evaluation

Evaluations are scheduled and performed by Qualified Board Certified physicians in all specialty areas. Our professional schedulers work with the case managers to quickly obtain an appointment, contact the claimant, and deliver a comprehensive report on the company’s specific guidelines.

FCE – Functional Capacity Evaluation

Evaluations are performed by licensed Physical therapist or Occupational therapist. The evaluations can be requested as a one (1) day evaluation is approximately 4 hours. A two (2) day evaluation is approximately 4 hours the first day, and 3 hours the second day. The OT/PT conduct a thorough evaluation of the claimant’s general tolerance to general and work activities. Providing the scheduler with a job description will get a more in-depth review as functional ability pertains to specific job functions. This evaluation assist in determining the actual work capacity with objective functional ability testing. With this testing the appropriateness of restrictions, limitations, modifications and/or accommodations can be clarified.

We have experienced PT/OT’s nationwide, ready to do evaluations for all physical demand levels.

MRR – Medical Record Reviews

The files are reviewed by Board Certified physicians and qualified medical professionals to obtain a comprehensive report without the need for the claimant to attend an appointment. Medical Record Reviews are completed with or without Peer contact. They also can be requested to be reviewed by a panel of reviews. The panel physicians will review the file and consult each other with their findings and type a synopsis to add additional in-depth information to the narrative report.

FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act

The evaluations are performed by Board Certified physicians familiar with FMLA guidelines, to obtain a comprehensive report.
FIT/BRA – Fit for Duty/Behavioral risk

The evaluations are performed by Board Certified psychiatrist or psychologist with extensive experience and competency in Forensic evaluations guidelines. Depending on the nature of the incident; a date and time for an evaluation for a Fit for Duty/ Behavioral Risk evaluation will be set quickly to help ensure the safety of all involved.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea can reduce alertness which can lead to poor performance in everyday activities, such as at work, commercial pilots, trucker drivers, train operators, bus drivers school, and motor vehicle operators which can cause fatalities.
— Jackie Jackson

** Drug and Alcohol testing is also available