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Code of Ethics


Act-MedicalTec (AMT) conducts its business honestly with the highest degree of integrity, and compliance required in all transactions with clients.  Confidentiality with clients, claimants, and providers are kept private unless it conflicts with federal, state or local laws.   All HIPPA guidelines are followed thorough out the entire evaluation process.


Act-MedicalTec (AMT) constantly monitors and improves the quality of our service, products and operations within all HIPPA guidelines.  AMT has built a reputation for: honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust, and sound business judgement.

Quality assurance

All referrals are given the highest quality of professionalism from entry of the referral to the delivery of a comprehensive report. AMT will monitor and enhance all ongoing procedures and guidelines as needed through continuous and open communication with all clients.

Professional conduct

Act-MedicalTec (AMT) conducts all of our activities professionally, and with integrity. We take pride in the completion and delivery of all objectives requested in every project. The projects will be completed within a timely and complete manner.  Great care is given to be completely objective and independent in the judgement handling of all files: information is never influenced. AMT is and will remain independent of all decisions completed within all evaluations returned by the certified medical professionals.

Equality and discrimination

Act-MedicalTec (AMT) will always strive to be fair and objective in our treatment and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, or actions by issues of gender, race, religion, color, age or personal disability